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What does it mean for Cardiff?

By obtaining Business Improvement District status, Cardiff can now work together to invest in our community, enhance our trading environment and make a real difference.




Welcome to the Cardiff BID Website

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What are BIDs?

BIDs are an opportunity for business to come together, decide what additional improvements they want to make to their location, how they are going to manage and deliver those improvements, and what they are prepared to pay for them. As a business, you choose which projects the BID fund is spent on.

Learn more about BIDs by visiting the About BIDs page.

What does it mean for Cardiff City Centre?

Over it’s 5 year term Cardiff BID will raise over £1.5m revenue each year to spend on the things that businesses (retail, leisure, tourism, office and commercial) voted for in the business plan.

Who else is doing this?

Many of the UK’s major cities have BID’s, and since September 2004 when the legislation was introduced, there have been over 250 successful BIDs in the UK, which over the next 5 years will bring in £300 million of funding.

You can see UK examples of BID’s by following these links:

Examples closer to home:

Cardiff BID Area

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Cardiff businesses vote ‘YES’ to a Business Improvement District (BID)

Cardiff businesses have given their backing and voted ‘YES’ and in favour of setting up a Business Improvement District (BID) for the city centre. The BID will see businesses investing £7.5m over five years in making the city more vibrant, and welcoming, and giving business a stronger influence on how the city centre is managed.

Results announced by Electoral Reform Services on Friday 1st July showed that 84% of those businesses who voted were in favour of the BID. The vote gives the go-ahead for the BID to take forward its five year Business Plan to drive investment in the City Centre and give local businesses a greater say in the way it is marketed, maintained and managed. The BID will deliver £7.5 million of investment in the area over the next five years and will come into operation before the end of the year.